Getting sick can feel scary

As of this writing, the world is fighting really hard to either stay well or get well from the COVID-19 virus. In my region, we have been asked to stay home with very few exceptions. Many people’s places of employment are closed, public spaces and services are shut down, and everyone is watching everyone else, hoping no one is sick. We are supposed to stay about six feet or more apart from each other to lower the risk of spreading the virus.

This is definitely unnerving. Fear inducing, even.

A few hundred years ago, the sick might go to the village wise man or woman, the local healer, the midwife, etc, to be treated if they were desperately ill. If it were an outbreak of disease, many would have died.

Many things have changed. We have better stuff now. But that doesn’t mean we’re invincible.

It’s hard to accept that even with the best medical development in humanity’s history, people can die from any medical problem but we sure can. We’re humans. There is equipment and there are medicines, and there are highly trained professionals but they can only do what they can do.

So what can we do exactly?

First of all, we can follow the recommendations of health professionals, and that’s not negotiable. The hard truth is this: In the community of folk practitioners, witches, wise folk, cunning folk, healers, or whatever people call themselves, there are people telling others that some special spell or “higher vibration thinking” or crystals, or oils, will fix this. That’s a no. It’s just not true. Rest, wash your hands, stay the heck home if you’re sick, stay away from sick people or crowds, rest enough, drink water, eat nutritious food.

We now that a healthy strong body gets ill less often. When it does get ill, it usually recovers more quickly. Right?

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Healthy body and healthy mind go together. You can absolutely use some old wisdom along with new, to help (not replace) current medical practices.

Engage in stress-reducing activities. Here’s where the old wisdom comes in:

  • Drink herbal teas, if you find them comforting and soothing. Chamomile is a good bet for stress reduction. Valerian can make you sleepy if you like it. Some are purported to have immune boosting qualities.
  • Warm baths or showers.
  • Walks in fresh air, weather permitting
  • Vaporizer or atomizer with soothing scents like natural essential oils you enjoy. Lavender is a good one, or rosemary, or the citruses, or sandalwood.
  • Like crystals or other shiny bits? Cool! Put them on a sunny windowsill.
  • Put an herb sachet in your pillowcase

No, these do not replace medical care. These are care for your heart and soul. A reduction in stress cannot kill a virus, but it can make your body stronger. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. It’s medicine.
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