A Great Lakes Witch

My name is Jessica, I’m from the Great Lakes region and I’m a witch. In an older time they’d probably call me something else. I’m not so much the altar building, cloak and pentacle wearing type, though I admit I do look fabulous in a velvety cloak.

Once, I’d be the one you would come to for a toothache, a broken heart or a protection charm. I would be there with tea for your insomnia and a pouch of particular stones and herbs to help you find steady work. I can bring things you need to you, or get rid of the things you don’t, when the moon shines or goes dark.

There’s a lot to be learned from the folk traditions that color this beautiful melting pot of a world. My goal is to weave some of that history and lore into a road of witchery to share.

If I had a nice little cottage in the forest, that’s where I would be right now, watching out my window for you. So here I am behind a different kind of glass. Join me, tell me what’s new, learn a little, laugh a little. Subscribe below so we can keep in touch. I’m so glad you’ve come!

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